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Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance Services in Kolkata

Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance Services in Kolkata

The computer related technologies has brought immense changes in both hardware and software fields. The computer Hardware constitutes the monitor, keyboard and all the peripheral devices and these are all need updating day by day. At first you have to unplug all the power cords of your computer before install hardware. After installing a CD that contains Software, you can install hardware in your PC. There are two type of hardware to be installed in your computer.

The first one is external hardware. It includes all the peripherals that are connected to the computer externally. USB, Serial and parallel port, fire wire, Bluetooth and PC Card are such kind of external computer hardware. Its installation can be done by a normal computer user. The hardware is connected to the desktop computer after switching it off.

And the other one is internal hardware. Its installation is more complicated than external computer hardware installation. So, we advised that if you haven’t any basic idea about computer internals, you can do it through a professional. At first the CPU cabinet be opened by removal the side panel of the cabinet. Then identify the slot and plug the hardware that is to be installed. After that the side panel and screws are replaced into their original places and all the wires are connected with their respective slots. At last the power cord can be plugged and computer can be switched on.

So we can see that how it can easy to set-up computer hardware in your PC if you have some basic knowledge in it. Otherwise we are always ready to help you


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