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Computer Hardware And Networking Courses in Kolkata

GBInfosys provide Short Term Courses in Hardware & Networking:

The modules of this course will cover necessary domains to provide a strong foot hold on the specified field and encompasses areas like:

Topic Details:

  • Computer Assembling
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Computer Repairing
  • Laptop Repairing
  • Structured cabling
  • Networking
  • Router Install and Configure
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Server Install and maintenance

As a computer hardware training institute, candidates gain information and training about all the physical parts those found in a computer or Laptop and their working nature. Start with power supply like SMPS then Processor, Ram, Graphics all are integrated in Mother board, except this we need Monitor, keyboard, computer data storage device, graphics card, network card, modem, USB flash drive and hard drive are the physical parts those constitute the computer hardware.

We mainly provide knowledge base training like BASIC ELECTRONICS, ASSEMBLING, TROUBLESHOOTING, OPERATING SYSTEM INSTALLATION in our Computer Hardware Training section, In our Network Training Section we provide our students how to setup a LAN cabling and How to connect one computer to another through wire or wirelessly.

In our System admin training, we prepare them how to configure a Router and switches for Server and Workstation. Clearing their knowledge about LAN and WAN, How to share a data locally or through internet, We them class on Cloud concept. We encourage them to think as a great troubleshooter.

In our Server training course we provide how to install and configure Windows Server or Linux Server on System. We learn them to configure both the server as a Firewall Server, Mail Server, Data Server and Web Server.

In cheap level repairing we learn them how to repair Mother board for laptop, Desktop, Macbook and any kind of Logic Card. During the practical session we will provide all types of Socket Checker, IC, Bios Copier, EEPROM Machine & BGA Machine.


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