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Computer Viruses and Spyware Removal Services in Kolkata

Computer Viruses and Spyware Removal Services in Kolkata

A computer virus is a program which can replicate itself and spread one computer to another in a very short time. But spyware has not the power of replicate. A virus can spread from one to another computer when it is set by its hoister because this work is done through the cable network, cd drive and floppy drive etc. Virus and spyware both are the types of malware.

This virus and spyware can cause a huge damaged in your PC. It can destroyed all the essential files and folders, removes all the data related to your business purpose. Trojan horses, worms, root kits are also functioned like a virus in your PC. They are also done malfunction but not like as virus.

GB Infosys tech experts are always ready to remove virus and spyware from your computer with the use of some anti-virus program like Quick heal, Norton etc. We give you cent percent assurance of safe internet browsing by the use of updated anti-virus program.

When you are going to share your data with another computer our spyware removal tools take a special care for your PC. Trojans is the virus which can make a high way for other virus to enter in your PC. For this, we install BIT as an anti-virus for protecting this. On the other hand, spyware is a program which can defend itself smartly. For this, you don't let it run in your PC. Our experienced and skillful tech experts are ready to remove it from your PC, whenever you asked to do so.


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