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Data Recovery Services in Kolkata

Data Recovery Services in Kolkata

If you think that you have already lost your data which has a great importance in your business, you can dial us. Our data recovery professionals have a huge experience in this field. They are not only helping you to ensure that no further data loss occurs but also getting your data back as quickly as possible.

At first we have to know that what data recovery is. In the simple words, data recovery means the process of recovering data from the secondary storage, i.e. hard drive, removal disk, RAID array, server etc. when the data is no longer accessible. The storage media such as hard drive, DVD, CDs are electronic devices. They can fail to function anytime. There are some non-failure related causes of lost data, like forgotten password, accidentally deleting file or the case of fire etc. Here we discuss a comprehensive data recovery process for you.

At first you have to evaluate the media and provide an initial determination of the extent of damage and work involved to recover the data. Then estimate the work will be involved, how much data can be recovered and what steps need to be taken. After that you have to repair all the electrical or physical damage that can be preventing the media accessing the data. Following this you have to recover the data through software that work with the raw data. Than analyze the recover data and provide a report on it. Finally return the restored data on your choice able media as soon as possible.


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