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Firewall Network Security Service in Kolkata

Firewall Network Security Service in Kolkata

Computer is an electronic device. So, the longer you use it, more files or data are included in it. As a result your computer will slow down. Now there are two options in front of you, either you have to maintenance your PC or upgraded it.

Maintenance can be done in two ways, either by manually or by installing software. Installation of software is a very expansible thing. We can help you with some valuable instruction if you choose the manual process. At first open start menu, then click on RUN, and then type in `regedit`. There you will see a window which is called registry editor. This is the place where all the data connected to operating system is stored. If the data are deleted from here, the affected software wouldn't function any more. This is the most vital part of your PC. If you are inexperienced with this kind of function, you should install software in your PC.

Upgrading is a process by which your computer will run fast. You should upgrade some part of your units but not your hard drive. Your hard disc drive contains everything of your computer, even operating system also.

You have to go with either maintenance or upgrade for your computer security. Here we provide some tips for the security of your PC:-

  • 1. The operating system and anti-virus program should be always updated.
  • 2. Scan your hard-disk all time but it is very lengthy process. So you have to scan minimum one time in a week.
  • 3. Don’t open email attachment because it can full your computer with some external viruses.
  • 4. Stop clicking on everything.
  • 5. Create an firewall system in your PC.


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