Computer Hardware & Networking

We GB INFOSYS provide you the best quality of services in the hardware and networking field. We have a group of skilled and devoted hardware engineers, who are always ready to solve your problem. We can also provide you various top branded hardware devices in a very affordable price. We can assure you that our services will give you full satisfaction. Our networking service is also very fast and reliable. Our tech. group who are working round the clock (24*7 hrs.), make a firewall to protect your PC from various kind of viruses and external threats when you are sharing information from other computers. So, don’t waste your valuable time by searching haphazardly, come with us and share a remarkable experience.

We can provide the following hardware related products:

  • Laptop / Notebooks: All Makes and Model
  • Desktops & Gaming PCs
  • MOTHER BOARD: Intel, Asus, Msi
  • PROCESSOR: Intel, Amd.
  • HARD DISC: Seagate, weasterndigital, Hitachi
  • MONITOR (LCD/LED): acer, LG , Samsung, Aoc, Asus
  • CABINET: I-Ball, Foxin, Cooler master, frontech
  • SMPS: I-Ball, Foxin, Cooler master, frontech
  • RAM: Zion, Kingston
  • EXTERNAL HDD: Seagate, weasterndigital,
  • EXTERNAL DVD RW: buffalo,
  • PEN DRIVE: transcend, Kingston, hp,
  • PRINTER: cannon, hp,
  • PRINTER Cartridge: cannon, hp,
  • SCANNER: hp, Cannon
  • MOUSE: Microsoft, frontech, I-ball, Logitech, enter
  • KEY BOARD: Microsoft, frontech, I-ball, Logitech, enter
  • Projectors & Screens
  • Furniture
  • Network Accessories

  • Hubs & Switches:
  • Network Card
  • Wireless Networking
  • Router
  • 19" Rack
  • Print Server
  • Category5 Cables
  • Patch Panels
  • Power Cords

    The tech expert of Gb Infosys always read to help its customers. You just need to a call and e mail us and our experts immediately solve your problem. Our group of experts can provide you a comprehensive support to set-up, install and configure your pc laptop and its connected devices. If you face any software problem while working with your pc, you can contact us. Our experts will assist you to resolve the conflicts and issues with running software applications. We also troubleshoot all the errors in your printer and other hardware.


    Gb Infosys, one of the reputed companies in the hardware field, provides quick solutions for every kind of problems in your pc installation. Our skilled people are setting up and installing operating system, software, internet, other peripherals in your computer on a affordable rate. The expert also help you to install an anti virus software, laptop, internet, software, hardware and wireless networking also a cheapest rate.

    Virus And Spyware Removal

    We Gb Infosys always protect your pc from spy ware and malware activities from various kinds of viruses. A hugely experienced tech team always ready to serve you. We can install anti-virus in your pc to protect if from virus infection. Virus is one kind of programs. This can be many types. Among them Trojan and Worms are very closely related virus. Worms can copies himself in a pc and damaged all data in it. In other hand Trojan is not directly creates any damage in your pc but it can open a highway for other viruses and accompanying them to do the most illustrative destruction in your pc. Quick heal and Bit defender are very popular anti-virus which can protect your pc.


    GBinfosys support you to set up, install and configure an E-mail client in your computer. We also keep your pc virus free. We can help you to arcen your pc form remofly through internet and make touch with your E-mail client. We support you to install, configuration and repair of the following e-mail clients –
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Microsoft Windows Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • In this field we support you by customizing your E-mail setting according to your needs. Ensuring total protection of your pc form spam. And above all, an expert team is ready to assist you whenever you want it……………….

    Computer support

    In computer field, we support you by connecting to the internet device and peripherals; troubleshoot software errors and repair of your hardware issues etc.

    Security support

    We also support you to ensure the security of your pc. Now –a-day’s pc is going through under the threat of various kind of virus. These are not only affected your pc but also damaged all the data in it.


    We Gb Infosys provide you a comprehensive support for peripherals such as printer, scanner, mp3, digital camera, network devices etc. Our experts always ready to serve you at any point while you are working with those. From the installation to the major problem, we are with you. Installation and repair of printers, mp3 players are done by us in a very promise the best satisfaction forward our customer.


    A good web browser is always needed for you to enjoy the internet. It helps you to connect with world’s best information. In this regard we support you by installing new web browser configuration of internet explorer and We also assist you for fixing browsing errors and staying up-to-date with the internet technologies


    We Gb infosys, assist you to install and uninstall of various Microsoft product, i.e. Microsoft office and operating system including latest version Microsoft office 2010. We support you to install and uninstall Microsoft windows xp, Microsoft windows 7, Microsoft windows vista, Microsoft windows 2000, Microsoft windows 98 and red hat Linux, for all of these our expert personal support you by assisting to set-up and personalized these in your pc. Repairing the problems like slow computer, compatibility issues also,