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Wireless Computer Networking Services in Kolkata

Wireless network is one kind of network where computer is not connected by any kind of cables. It is a telecommunication method, in which you can avoid the cost of cable installation. This network is getting popular now-a-days due to easy set up feature. There are four type of wireless network:

Wireless PAN: Personal Area Network can interconnect persons within a shorter range. For example, Bluetooth of mobile set can provide data to another set within a shorter range.

Wireless LAN: It’s a network in which two or more devices link by using wireless distribution method. It can work within a larger area than PAN.

Wireless MAN: Metropolitan Area Network is a type of wireless network in which several wireless Local Area Network are connected.

Wireless WAN: Wide Area Network is a network which covers a large outdoor area. This network can be used to connect branch offices of business.


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